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Servsafe Classes and More

We offer the best restaurant and food safety services in the state of Georgia and the southeastern region of the United States. We are a company dedicated to the needs of our clients. Avail Public Health Compliance Consulting LLC will work with you to achieve your ultimate goals in state compliance whether it’s a state mandated certification you seek or just the ability to improve your local inspections. We offer a variety of services that will give you peace of mind. Services include Evaluation of current situation, Flow Analysis of Kitchen Operations, inspection score turn around, restaurant start up, assistance with submittal of all required applications, courses designed to improve employee performance, and specialized instruction to meet your specific needs.

By selecting Avail Public Health you will be guaranteed to have a consultant that has the knowledge and experience to make your dreams come true. With a previously State of Georgia Standardized Food Service Establishment Inspection Officer offering assistance you will be sure to turn every problem into an opportunity to succeed.

We have a combination of certifications that include Servsafe classes, ServSafe Instructor and Proctor as well as ServSafe Alcohol Instructor so that you can be assured you are receiving quality rated support by an infield expert.

Check out our Services page for detailed descriptions of what we have to offer your growing Restaurant/Hospitality business. You can also register for a Food Safety class certification that can be taught on location or at a scheduled facility on our class registration page.

I know your business is unique and should be treated as such, with tailored solutions that incorporate integrated food safety techniques.

–Alena Aviles (Owner/Consultant)


For further information on how we can help serve your business with restaurant inspections in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Alabama, call us today.